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The Making of
"Penny and the Peanut"

Official Penny_and_the_Peanut_8.5_11-1 Cover.jpg

Welcome to the official "Penny and the Peanut" Development Page.  Here you will discover how Shravani Kulkarni and I created this wonderful medical guide for young kids.  



Cover Design

Shravani and I designed a dynamic cover that would captivate the interests of our readers.  We asked ourselves what treats do kids like the most, undeniably, it is cookies.  What kid does not like cookies?  The next task was to design an image of Penny's body language for the cover.  She needed to look curious and intrigued about the cookies in the jar. 


Below, you can see our initial design of the book's cover. 


The concept for the first cover was beautiful; however, the image looked flat and unamusing.  In making the image more appealing, we added the Rule of Thirds Technique to enhance the book's design.  So I thought, what better way than to have her hide half of her face behind the counter looking intently at the jar.  


Here are some pics of the original cover's design before it was finalized:

Below is the Second Undeveloped Cover.







Here is another pic of the original cover before it was developed to its final stage:

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