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Dr. Sara Anvari

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Her Story

Dr. Anvari has fought for food allergic patients as the Director of Clinical Trials at the Texas Children's Hospital (TCH) Food Allergy Program and has assisted in creating and bringing the most recent food allergy clinical trials to TCH.

Dr. Anvari has founded subspecialty clinics devoted to treating patients with food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES), COVID vaccine allergies, and penicillin allergy delabeling in addition to her keen interest in preventing and treating all types of allergic and immunological conditions. She is dedicated to enhancing living standards for infants, kids, and teenagers who suffer from allergy and immunologic problems.

Currently, Dr. Anvari is in charge of clinical and fundamental science investigations examining medication, vaccine, and food allergies. She has spent her entire professional life working to comprehend and research the immunological systems that cause these illnesses.  Dr. Anvari is committed to offering top-notch, all-encompassing medical treatment to her patients and their families.

"Penny and the Peanut's" Foreword

My name is Dr. Sara Anvari, M.D., MSc, FAAAAI Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, and the Director of Clinical Trials of the Food Allergy Program at Texas Children’s Hospital.  I specialize in allergy and immunology, and pediatrics.  I have been awarded Top Doctor Rising Star consecutively in 2018-2020, and Texas Top Doctor 2020 and 2021.

In my practice, I diagnose, treat, and educate children and their families about ways to manage allergic reactions.  I promote select strategies and tools to assist families in monitoring their diet to help avoid foods that can trigger an allergic reaction.

“Penny and the Peanut” is a useful tool because of its educational content, diverse audience appeal, inclusive character representation, and pertinent message to children and parents who are concerned about peanut allergies.  In my experience, comprehensive messages like the ones found in “Penny and the
Peanut” teaches children the importance of recognizing allergic reactions and identifying symptoms of peanut allergies.

“Penny and the Peanut,” is a fun children’s book which offers child accessible language important to teaching clear life-saving strategies in the event of a medical emergency in a manner that can be easily retained.  The colorful, soft scenery, and illustrative pictures are friendly and inviting for all to enjoy.  This added value offers success for teachers introducing “Penny and the Peanut” to students in their classrooms.  Moreover, parents during family time can read this book to their children to understand its important life-saving message.

“Penny and the Peanut” is both a practical instructional tool and a pleasing narrative supporting sensitivity to children and families defeating the challenges of allergies.


Food Allergy Program

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