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Project Name

Bearly is a short animated film that is also the first production from the SCAD Animation Studios.  The film is about a bear who wants to stay awake during hibernation to see what winter is, to learn about what he misses when he goes to sleep. 

I started working on Bearly as a lighter and compositor.  The animation department wanted to do something different and decided to use Katana for our lighting software, with Arnold as our renderer.  After lighting was finished, I moved on to compositing using Nuke software. 





At SCAD, the team did not have many students or professors who were familiar with Katana.  During Pre-Production and Production time was spent learning and testing Katana with Arnold render.  Although it was challenging to learn a new software, it was definitely fun and rewarding to help other lighters in the process. 


The following shots were both lit and composited by me for the film! 

Project Gallery


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