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Sunset Light Rig


Tools : 

Maya |  Arnold  |  Nuke

My Contributions:

Morning Light Rig

Monkey Thief is a short student animation film fully produced at SCAD.  It was created and is directed by a talented character animator named Zachary Ates. I have the honor of being the Visual Effects Supervisor and Lead Lighter and Compositor on this film. This film currently has over 25 artists collaborating and producing this project. From animators to graphic designers to foley artists, this film has the most diverse team of artists working to produce something amazing.

The story is about a boy named Myles whose best friend is his beloved sock monkey, Henry. Myles faces challenges of being bullied by the misunderstood Delores. Myles eventually finds ways to overcome these challenges and makes some friends along the way.

Here is my process blog of all the work I did for the film and keep scrolling to meet the team and watch exclusive behind the scenes footage.

My Contributions:​​


As the Lighting artist, I was in charge of lighting, rendering, and compositing 11 shots for the final film.  I specifically worked on the fighting scenes to convey the character's emotions through light.  Micaa analyzed the three colors associated with the intense and primary emotions felt during contentious moments.   


For the environments, I created a light rig for the project using an HDRI and a directional light that had a sunset similar to the lighting references I was given.  My lighters were able to import the rig into their shots and adjust any attributes in order to get the desired look. This rig was used by the look development and texture artists as well. 


The biggest challenges I faced were dealing with the terrible consequences of COVID-19. Having very limited resources to get the film done proved to be such a huge challenge because we dealt with internet connection issues, transferring thousands of files from each team member, and not being able to collaborate face to face. We had to find ways to cope with time differences and a very limited amount of time to complete the film. Despite all those struggles and limitations, we powered through by helping each other out and with a lot of patience. I am proud to say that we finished the film on time and completed all the deliverables required for production. 


Tools : 

Maya |  Arnold  |  Nuke

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