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Monkey Thief is a short animated film that is also the first production from the SCAD Animation Studios.  The film is about a bear who wants to stay awake during hibernation to see what winter is, to learn about what he misses when he goes to sleep. 

I started work on Bearly as a lighter and compositor.  The animation department wanted to do something different and decided to use Katana for our lighting software, with Arnold has our renderer.  After lighting was finished, I moved on to compositing using Nuke software. 





At SCAD, the team did not have many students or professors who were familiar with Katana.  During Pre-Production and Production time was spent learning and testing Katana with Arnold render.  Although it was challenging to learn new software, it was definitely fun and rewarding to help other lighters in the process. 


The following shots were both lit and composited by me for the film! 


Between August 2019 to March 2020, I directed, coordinated, and served as a Visual Effects (VFX) Lighter, and composited a live-action and 3D senior film at SCAD.  The film consists of 20 specialized artists within the VFX’s Department with skill sets in simulations, environment, texture, sound, and motion media design.  Greta Thunberg's speech from Ted Talk, "The Disarming Case to Act Right Now on Climate Change” is parallel to my call for action through the use of VFXs.  The cinematic blend of light, color, and sound places viewers in a vulnerable state due to the impactful emission of carbon and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  

I want the audience to understand the harmful and nearly irreversible impact of the world leader’s and corporation’s selfish actions which has altered the stability of the world’s climate.  This transformation has unanticipated consequences now and for future generations.  In realizing we are a part of the animal species, we can see how gruesome our own carbon footprints continue to affect wildlife, humankind, and earth our only home which is facing damage beyond repair.  



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