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Without OSL Shader

With OSL Shader


// To become familiar with pattern creation and texture mapping by coding repeating patterns in OSL.                
// Micaa Thomas                                                                                                       
// SCAD-Atlanta                                                                                                       
// Programming Models and Shaders I-VSFX-319-A01                                                                   
// May 29, 2019                                                                                                    
// THIS FILE CREATES a bubble swirl shader by casting points to a vector with an array                             

//This was definitely one of the hardest shaders that I have made by far because I wanted to go a bit beyond what  
 //was taught in class.  I am glad that we did this project so now I can show off my beautiful shader.             

// LIST OF TODOS                                                                                                    
//1) create a couple of variables that the user can interact with, such as Vector, Time, Scale, and MaxIterations  
//2) I did not animate the shader.                                                                                   

shader srf_mt_bubbles_v46(
    vector Vector = P,                                                                   //creates the vector called P for the shader     
    float Scale = 0.2,                                                                
    float Time = 1.0,                                                                     //could be animated by keying time
    int MaxIterations = 64,                                                           //This parameter limits the number of iterations of the cutting plane
    output color Color = 0.8)
    vector p = Vector * Scale;                                                       //the position of the shader position

    for(int m=1; m < MaxIterations; m++)                                              //creates an array 
        vector newp = p;                                                                                                           //start of vector newp
        newp[0]+=0.4/float(m)*sin(float(m)*p[1]+Time/24.0+0.3*float(m))+20.0;              //casting points to the vector newp.  
        newp[1]+=0.4/float(m)*sin(float(m)*p[0]+Time/24.0+0.3*float(m+10))-5.0;          //newp is being called in and creates a sin wave with time that can make it become animated.

    Color = color(sin(Time+p[1]+p[0]-M_PI*color(0,2,4)/(4.0+sin(Time)))*0.3+0.5);     //my newly created color is being output and creates a zig zag like shader for the bubble that I plug into Pixar's bubble material.


Without OSL Shader